Our goal is to create an exceptional candle burning experience that allows candle and wine lovers to venture to global wine regions through their senses. 
At Vino Dolce Candles, we are young candle makers, wine lovers and travelers who wanted to continue experiencing our favorite wine regions after our vacations ended. Our goal is to connect fellow wine lovers and travelers through candles, explore unique grape varieties from wine regions and inspire others to travel. Let us be your "passport" to wine country, Cheers!

Meet The Founder: Merissa Garvey Harris, MD
While studying long days and nights in medical school, I nearly always burned a candle to create a calm and relaxing environment in my stressful world. I would often end my night of studying with a glass of wine, and would burn countless candles to their end. Being a creative soul, I sought ways to express myself outside of medicine and it was my husband's suggestion that I learn to make candles. We combined our love for wine, passion for travel and my addiction to candles and in the fall of 2014 Vino Dolce Candles was born in our kitchen. I have personally traveled to all of the wine regions inspired by the candles, named the scents and wrote the descriptions myself. This has been a true labor of love and I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them. Cheers!
Favorite Candle: Right now I'm burning French Champagne & Macarons
Favorite Wine Travel Destination: I'm still talking about my trip to Stellenbosch wine region of South Africa in May
Random Fact: We have a yorkie-poo named Pinot Noir